An unforeseen event, oc-curriog without the will or design of the person whose mere act causes lt; an unex-pected, unusual, or undesigned occurrence; the effect of an unknown cause, or, the cause being known, an unprecedented consequence of lt; a casualty. Burkhard v. Travelers’ Ins. Co., 102 Pa. 262, 48 Am. Rep. 205; ..Etna L. Ins. Co. v. Vandecar, 86 Fed. 282, 30 C. C. A. 48; Carnes v. Iowa Traveling Men’s Ass’n, 106 Iowa, 281, 76 N. W. 683, 68 Am. St. Rep. 306; Atlanta Acc. Ass’n v. Alexander, 104 Ga. 709, 30 S. E. 939. 42