an bill of bealtb. one certifying that no contagious or infectious disease exists, or certifying as to healthy conditions generally without exception or reservation.-4Hean bill of lading. one without exception or reservation as to the place or manner of stowage of the goods, and importing that the goods are to be (or have been) safely and properly stowed tinder deck. The Delaware, 14 Wall. 596, 20 I* Efl. 779; The Kirkhill, 99 Fed. 575. 39 C. C. A. 658; The wellington, 20 Fed. Cas. 626. —Clean bands. It is a rule of equity that a plaintiff must come with “clean hands.” i. e., he must be free from reproach in his conduct. But then is this limitation to the rule: that his con-duct can only be excepted to in respect to the subject-matter of his claim; everything else is immaterial. American Ass’n v. Innis, 109 Ky. 595. 60 S. W. 388