one,who;ab-sconds from his credltors. An absconding, debtor is oue who lives without the stpte, or who has intentionally concealed himself from his creditors, or withdrawn hirn^el^ from the reach of their suits, with intent to frustrate their just demands. Thus, if. a person departs from his usual residence;; os remains absent' therefrom, or conceals; hiĀ®* self in his house, so.that he cannot be* served with process, with intent unlawfully to delay or defraud his creditors, he is ah Absconding debtor ; but if he departs frtttn state or from his usual abode, wlth-'ihe lhk' tentionof again' returning, and wfthehtidiiy fraudulent design, he has not absconded, &of absented, himself, within the intendment,of the law. Stafford v. Mills, 57 N. J. Law, 5?4, $2 Atl. 7; Fitch v. walte, 5 Conn. U7