A condensed' history of tbe title to land, consisting of a synopsis or summary of the material or op-erative portion of all the conveyances, of whatever kind or nature, which in any man-ner affect said land, or any estate or interest therein, together wlth a statement of all liens, charges, or liabilities to which the same may be subject, and of which it is in any way material for purchasers to be apprised, warv. Atsk | 2. Stevenson v. Polk, 71 Iowa, 278, 32 N. W. 340; Union Safe Deposit Co. v. Chisholm, 33 111. App. 647; Banker v. Caldwell, 3 Minn. 94 (Gil. 46); Heinsen v. Lamb, 117 111. 549, 7 N. E. 75; Smith v. Taylor, 82 Cal. 533, 23 Pac. 217