In marine insurance. The arrival of a vessel means an arrival for pur-poses of business, requiring an entry aud clearance and stay at the port so long as to require some of the acts connected with busi-ness, and not merely touching at a port for advices, or to ascertain the state of the mar-ket, or Iieiug driven in by an adverse wind and sailing again as soou as it changes. Gronstadt v. witthoff (D. C.) 15 Fed. 265; Dalgleish v. Brooke, 15 East, 295; Kenyon v. Tucker, 17 R. I. 529, 23 Atl. 61; Meigs v. In-surance Co., 2 Cush. (Mass.) 439; Toler v. white, 1 ware, 280, 24 Fed. Cas. 3; Harrison v. Vose, 9 How. 384, 13 L. Ed. 179