Forcibly separating, parting, disintegrating, or piercing any solid substance. In the law as to housebreaking and burglary, it means the tearing away or removal of any part of a house or of the locks, latches, or other fastenings intended to secure it, or otherwise exerting force to gain an en-trance, with the intent to commit a felony; or violently or forcibly breaking out of a house, after having unlawfully entered lt, in the attempt to escape. Gaddie v. Com., 117 Ky. 468, 78 S. W. 163, 111 Am. St Rep. 259; Sims v. State, 136 Ind. 358, 36 N. E. 278; Melton v. State, 24 Tex. App. 287, 6 S. W. 303; Mathews v. State, 36 Tex. 675; Carter v. State, 68 Ala. 98; State v. Newbegin, 25 Me. 503; McCourt v. People, 64 N. ¥. 585